Capcom’s Latest Revelation

Resident Evil Revelations
Word has come via the Capcom Unity Blog, confirming rumors that the 3DS’ Resident Evil: Revelations will be hitting consoles this year, specifically May 21st in North America / 24th in Europe for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U on retail disc for $49.99 – a digital version will also be available that day for PS3 and PC with 360 and Wii U versions to follow.

Along with graphical enhancements, this revisit of Revelations will feature online Raid Mode co-op. The game will also offer Hunk as a playable character in Raid Mode, as well as a new enemy, harder difficulty, new Raid weapons and custom parts.

Catch a short trailer below.


Trailer Park – Killer is Dead

Killer is Dead
Maintaining the momentum of a very busy 2012, Grasshopper Manufacture’s next release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has been heating up the Internet this week, and now includes a trailer, which you can catch below.

With an aesthetic that seems to evolve the cel-shading style of yesterday with a bloody noir sensibility and a play style that appears to follow in the footsteps of No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw, the only question aside from “when can we get our mitts on the game?” would be whether Grasshopper can bring fresh cuts to their signature style when it seems to retread familiar ground.

Stay tuned on that one I suppose, and catch the trailer below.


Pandora’s Tower Arrives This Spring

Pandoras Tower
Following on the successful North American release of The Last Story, XSEED Games has dispatched word that the last of Nintendo’s import holdout trilogy will be arriving in North America for the Wii in Spring 2013, giving the Wii one last kick right about the same time everyone expects to be distracted by new Microsoft and Sony consoles.

The Big N has given XSEED exclusive publishing rights to Pandora’s Tower in North America, with the game having already released in Europe last year.

Pandora’s Tower is, of course, the classic story of a young man slaying monsters so that his love can devour their flesh in order to stave off a curse transforming her into a monster.

Hosting Your Next Corpse Party, How-to

Corpse Party Book of Shadows
Everyone’s favorite little publisher that can, XSEED Games, has announced that the followup to cult favorite horror title, Corpse Party, will be arriving in North America on January 15th, with Book of Shadows hitting the PSP via the PlayStation Network for $19.99 – and yes, the game is Vita compatible as well.

You can catch a brief bit of fresh video for Book of Shadows below.


New Pokémon in 2013

Pokemon X Pokemon Y
Nintendo helps shake off the post-holiday hangover with word that their golden Pokémon franchise will be taking the next portable step, hitting the 3DS this year. Shedding the color wheel, the two newest entries in the franchise will arrive as Pokémon X and Pokémon Y with a worldwide release of October 2013 – so no staring enviously at Japan for months on end this time around.

You can catch a peek at the 3D visuals and new starter Pokémon via the trailer below.


The View From Primordia

Review Primordia
The world did not come to an end last Friday, but odds are that one day, our species will be wiped off the face of the planet, and we will be survived by naught but the machines we made. That reminds me – Gamesugar wishes you and yours a merry Christmas and the happiest of new years!

Anyway, Primordia is an old-school point and click adventure game that imagines such a scenario, wherein robots of various levels of technological sophistication exist in a post-human society where man takes the role of divine creator whose existence is disputed.

What truths will be revealed in this land of rust and light about the time before robot?


Tomb Raider – How To

Tomb Raider
Square-Enix has released the first of what I’ll assume are several survival guides for Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. While the video comes across a bit dry, it does a decent job of reminding us about the parts of Tomb Raider that are a videogame, such as skill points.

The video also does a spectacular job of showing just how bloody Lara’s fight for survival seems to get, and you can catch a few buckets of blood on that subject below.