Final Fantasy XIII’s Early Beginnings

Final Fantasy XIII
Scans from the Scenario and Battle Ultimania’s for Final Fantasy XIII have made it on to the net, showing off the game’s original PS2 development, which apparently used Yuna and Rikku as placeholder characters early on – or so the theory goes without having a copy of either in my hands.

I imagine the bits of cartoonish artstyle are placeholder graphics while the focus was on developing the mechanics of the game, but damn I kinda dig it – reminds me of Fear Effect.

Catch the scans here.

UPDATE – Photobucket fail, but the good ship Dtoid has you covered for the scans so pay them a visit.

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  • David

    The graphics look kinda cool. I would quite like a cel shaded FF game.

    • Jamie Love

      I’m impressed with the number of people that have said the same. The more I’ve thought about, the more I believe this sort of change could have a profound effect on current square designs, which I earnestly feel could use a kick in the ass.

  • rjejr

    It’s not XIII it’s X-III (as in X-3) the presumed follow-up to X-2, which obviously never got made for whatever reason. O fwhich I’m glad as X-2 sux.